TTS Video Maker - FAQ


I paid but I didn't get my download link?

- Please check your spam or bulk folder and look for an email from JVZOO.

- You can login to your account to download your files.

I can't run the software, Software does not work! Crashes

- Did you unzip the file first? are you sure? watch this video (Click here)

- Do you have the latest .NET from microsoft?

- Did you move any of the files to other location on your PC? Please avoid using shortcuts, the application is portable but avoid moving any of the software files from its location.

- Please can you run the software as ADMIN? don't know how? (Click here).

My Antivirus is not allowing me to open the sofware

Please...we are a serious company, there is no business on selling viruses, please IGNORE any virus alerts and whitelist our software, thanks.

Where is my license?

The license is inside your files, please unzip your files after downloading it. You must use your paypal email and license (SERIAL) to access the software. Otherwise it will get blocked after a while.

How can I create a Text To Speech Video?

Please watch the video called: WalkThrough VIDEO (inside your files) or watch it online - Click Here

Can I add my own voice?

You can't add your own voice, the software has its own voice.

Do you have male voices?

Only female voices at the moment, US and UK Accents and Spanish & Portuguese languages.

Does it work on Mac?

No, Only on PC, unless you use Parallels.

Realplayer / WMP 12 / VLC player MP4

Realplayer is not supported ...please use the latest version of Windows Media Player or VLC player:

Files Blocked - Programs Files

That's not a software problem is your computer denying access to that file, please avoid extracting the software in your PROGRAM FILES ..NO NO ... extract the zip file in your documents or other folder without restrictions.

Not Starting Again

You didn't close it properly, please check your TASK MANAGER, if it is there, it looks like it was not closed properly, close it and run it again or reboot your PC and try again.

Pauses, full stop, commas, pauses - Not using FULL STOP/LINE BREAKS

You need to use LINE BREAKS and FULL STOPS (.) as well... ie:

Hello, how are you doing? < Line Break (hitting ENTER, next line)

I'm ok, I was walking on the park. < FULL STOP + Line Break (hitting ENTER, next line)

I like to walk on the park, fresh air is nice. < FULL STOP +Line Break (hitting ENTER, next line)

I like the beach too. < FULL STOP

Watch this video again: Walkthrough Video

Software too big / Change Screen Resolution

Please change your PC screen resolution, watch the following video:
Change your PC screen resolution VIDEO

Image Dimensions, Images too small

Your background is HD, it's 1280x720 pixels, please use images around those dimensions.

No installation, not unzipped

Please you need to unzip the file first, extract it to a folder on your PC and then run the software (There is no need to install it).

Grey images, grey background

Please update to the latest version, just login to JVZOO and download the same file (it's the latest version).

No audio folder , audio alert, no mp3 file

Please you must click the TEXT TO SPEECH button first to generate the Audio voice mp3 file, please watch the WALKTROUGH video again (included in your files)... ;)

1. Add text
2. click the TEXT TO SPEECH button...add images/music (optional)
3. Click on the 'create video' button

NOTE: If you still have problems, open a ticket, send us your paypal email and transaction ID to our support desk:
help [AT]