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Text To Speech Video Maker Software
Create Amazing Videos In Seconds
(Voice Over, Captions, Watermark, Music)


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LAUNCHING: 29th July @ 11am EDT

Welcome JV Partners

Thanks for you interest in become a JV partner for one of the most amazing software in the market, this new software is a 'GAME CHANGER'!

Get ready to be impressed with the number of sales you will make, expect high EPC's and get an amazing feedback from your list!

The Product

text to speech video maker software

Front End:

TTS Video Maker, a new Video Maker Software that uses the latest TEXT to SPEECH Technology featuring almost REAL HUMAN VOICES to create videos; forget about those ROBOTIC voices that you find in cheap software or online tools these are almost REAL VOICES!

Now you can get an amazing voice to promote any product or service! Forget about Fiverr Gigs or Paying for voice overs PLUS... TTS Video Maker will create videos from images, it will add captions to your videos, background music and most importantly an AMAZING VOICE!

There are 3 licenses to choose from: Basic, PRO and PLUS, most people go for the PLUS License!

USES & NiCHES: Internet Marketers, Review Videos, Affiliate Videos, How-To Videos, Real-Estate Videos and much more.

Extra Tip: This videos rank highly on Google because they include a VOICE, not like those powerpoint or 'only text' or 'only images' videos, Google and Youtube Love these videos!

OTO 1:

Youtube Ranking Software v2.5: As soon as they create a video they are going to NEED to rank it, so this is a great opportunity to offer the best YOUTUBE RANKING SOFTWARE in the market!

OTO 2:

Video Marketing Training (MEMBERSHIP): As soon as they realize that they have some amazing tools on their hand they will have the NEED to speed up their learning curve, Video Marketing Training is the perfect companion for both products.

tts video maker software preview

Preview The Sales Page


Preview The PROMO Video (it's included on the Sales Page)

Preview The 'How To Create an Affiliate Review Video in 3 Minutes!'(it's included on the Sales Page)

Commissions Structure

FRONT END: 12.95 / 17.95 / 24.95 @ 60%

OTO 1: 36.95 @ 50%

OTO 2: $9.95 @ 50% / 20% Recurring

Make up to $50 in the whole funnel! (including 6 month retention - membership)

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Get Your Affiliate Link Now:
(One link will approve you for the whole funnel)

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Subject Lines:

New Text To Speech Software Creates Amazing Videos - Limited

Voice Over Software is about to get banned - get your copy now

TTS Video Maker: Create Text To Voice Videos in Minutes


Hello First_Name

You and me know that Video makerketing
is one of the best tools to promote
products and services, but there is a problem:

We are all bored of those slideshow videos.
Who watch those only text or only images videos?
We had enough of that, it is 2014 and we deserve better.

What if I tell you that you can have a Human Voice under
your command? What if we add an almost real voice
to those boring slideshows, that will make a huge difference!

Forget about those ridiculous robotic voices, let me introduce
to you the lastest Text To Speech technology:

TTS Video Maker


Text To Speech Video Maker will create amazing
videos with images, musics, captions and voice over,

Read this part one more time, VOICE OVER, the best female
voice over available is under your command with the click
of a button. YES! you can make her say anything, anytime
you want, and create amazing review, affiliate or
promotional videos in minutes.

The developer behind this amazing product is Jimmy Mancini
the same developer who created the famous Youtube Ranking

Get your copy now!

If you upload any of those videos to your favourite
video sharing sites you will rank much better than
those cheap slideshow videos, the VOICE OVER that
the software generate is so real that Google and YouTube love her!

Start making amazing videos with voice overs in minutes.

There is only a little problem, they are increasing the
price soon and they might close doors soon to avoid too many
people getting access to this technology, hurry up, get your
copy of TTS Video Maker now!




PS: This is your last chance to get it at a reduced price,
do not miss this opportunity you might regret it later. Get it now

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